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Task: SolveVehicleRoutingProblem

Display Name: SolveVehicleRoutingProblem

Description: SolveVehicleRoutingProblem tool solves a vehicle routing problem (VRP) to find the best routes for a fleet of vehicles. A dispatcher managing a fleet of vehicles is often required to make decisions about vehicle routing. One such decision involves how to best assign a group of customers to a fleet of vehicles and to sequence and schedule their visits. The objectives in solving such vehicle routing problems (VRP) are to provide a high level of customer service by honoring any time windows while keeping the overall operating and investment costs for each route as low as possible. The constraints are to complete the routes with available resources and within the time limits imposed by driver work shifts, driving speeds, and customer commitments., This service can be used to determine solutions for such complex fleet management tasks. Consider an example of delivering goods to grocery stores from a central warehouse location. A fleet of three trucks is available at the warehouse. The warehouse operates only within a certain time window—from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.—during which all trucks must return back to the warehouse. Each truck has a capacity of 15,000 pounds, which limits the amount of goods it can carry. Each store has a demand for a specific amount of goods (in pounds) that needs to be delivered, and each store has time windows that confine when deliveries should be made. Furthermore, the driver can work only eight hours per day, requires a break for lunch, and is paid for the time spent on driving and servicing the stores. The goal is to come up with an itinerary for each driver (or route) such that the deliveries can be made while honoring all the service requirements and minimizing the total time spent on a particular route by the driver.


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