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Legend (Energy/Infrastructure)

Wells (0)
Valve (1)
Pump (2)
Manifold (3)
Pipeline (4)
Crude Oil Crude Oil
Natural Gas Natural Gas
Natural Gas liquid Natural Gas liquid
Product Product
Sewage Sewage
Water Water
Waste Pit (5)
Evaporation Pit Evaporation Pit
Mud Pit Mud Pit
Percolation Pit Percolation Pit
Sediment Pit Sediment Pit
Skimming Pit Skimming Pit
Tank (6)
Crude Oil Crude Oil
Dispactch Dispactch
Neutralisation Neutralisation
Product and Intermediate Product and Intermediate
Storage Water Storage Water
Facility Type (7)
Compound Housing Compound Housing
Gas Processing Gas Processing
Headquaters Headquaters
Offices Offices
Oil Refinemery Oil Refinemery
Production Production
Storage Storage
Treatment Treatment
Unspecified Unspecified
Warehouse Warehouse