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Legend (Energy/Geology)

Fault (Point) (0)
Detachement Fault/Decollement Detachement Fault/Decollement
Ductile Fault Ductile Fault
Fault Scarp Fault Scarp
Left-Lateral Strike-Slip fault Left-Lateral Strike-Slip fault
Low-Angle Normal fault Low-Angle Normal fault
Normal Fault Normal Fault
Normal Fault, Horizontal Displacement/Offset Unknown Normal Fault, Horizontal Displacement/Offset Unknown
Overturned Thrust Fault Overturned Thrust Fault
Reverse Fault Reverse Fault
Rigt-Lateral Strike-Slip fault Rigt-Lateral Strike-Slip fault
Shear Zone Shear Zone
Thrust Fault Thrust Fault
Unknown Offset/Displacement Unknown Offset/Displacement
Vertical Fault Vertical Fault
Fold (Point) (1)
Anticline Anticline
Antiform Antiform
Asymmetrical Anticline Asymmetrical Anticline
Asymmetrical Syncline Asymmetrical Syncline
Fold Axis, fodl type unknown or indeterminable Fold Axis, fodl type unknown or indeterminable
Fold Hinge Length Exposed at surface Fold Hinge Length Exposed at surface
Hinge Line Hinge Line
Monocline Monocline
Monocline, Anticlinal Bend Monocline, Anticlinal Bend
Monocline, Synclinal Bend Monocline, Synclinal Bend
Overturned Anticline Overturned Anticline
Overturned Antiform Overturned Antiform
Overturned Syncline Overturned Syncline
Overturned Synform Overturned Synform
Syncline Syncline
Synform Synform
Trace of Axial Surface Trace of Axial Surface
Fabric (Point) (2)
Foliation Foliation
Vien Vien
Cleavage Cleavage
Cross bedding Cross bedding
Graded bedding Graded bedding
Lamination bedding Lamination bedding
Lithologic(contact) Lithologic(contact)
Tabular bedding Tabular bedding
Uncomformity(contact) Uncomformity(contact)
Unknown Unknown
Unspecified Unspecified
flow boundary/layers flow boundary/layers
Sample Site (Point) (3)
Channel Cut Channel Cut
Composite Sample Composite Sample
Core Sample Core Sample
Grab Sample Grab Sample
High grade Sample High grade Sample
Representative Sample Representative Sample
Soil Sample Soil Sample
Stream Sediment Stream Sediment
Thin Section sample Thin Section sample
Undisturbed Sample Undisturbed Sample
Unspecified Unspecified
Station (Point) (4)
Well Site (Point) (5)
Abandoned Abandoned
Drilling Drilling
Suspended Suspended
Testing Testing
Unspecified Unspecified
Fault (Line) (6)
Fault Fault
Fault-Contact Fault-Contact
Fold (Line) (7)
Inferred Fold Inferred Fold
Visible Fold Visible Fold
Contacts (Line) (8)
Fault Contact Fault Contact
Gradational Contact Gradational Contact
Intrusive Contact Intrusive Contact
Lithological Contact Lithological Contact
Margin of unit Margin of unit
Shoreline Shoreline
Unknown Unknown
Unspecified Unspecified
Outcrop (Polygon) (9)
Artifical Formation Artifical Formation
Ash Ash
Dike Dike
Disturbed Land Disturbed Land
Dome Dome
Dump Dump
Hypabyssal Hypabyssal
Lava Lava
Metaplutonic Metaplutonic
Metasedimentary Metasedimentary
Metavolcanic Metavolcanic
Mixed(Siclicilastic and Non-Siclicilastic) Mixed(Siclicilastic and Non-Siclicilastic)
Non-Siclicilastic Non-Siclicilastic
Plutonic Plutonic
Siclicilastic Siclicilastic
Sill Sill
Tailings Tailings
Unknown Protolith Unknown Protolith
Volcaniclastic Volcaniclastic